Sony HT-ST7 premium soundbar revealed

Sony has launched a brand new soundbar, the Sony HT-ST7, which is aimed at the premium end of the home audio market.

Sony announced the new soundbar device in New York, calling it the “first-ever entry in the premium sound bar category.” To that end, it will cost $1,299 and will include a bunch of high-end features.

The Sony HT-ST7 packs in a 7.1 speaker set-up, featuring nine independent speaker drivers and seven discrete amplifiers. It also includes a separate wireless subwoofer to handle those low-end frequencies.

It features built-in Bluetooth and NFC, so you can hook up to any modern smartphone quickly and easily through a press of the Bluetooth Sync button or a simple tap respectively.

With seven inputs including three HDMI, three digital audio and one analogue, the Sony HT-ST7 is intended to be ready to slot into your home cinema set-up with the minimum of fuss.

Currently the fastest growing piece of kit in the audio market, the once-humble soundbar format rolls a typically sprawling and – let’s face it – often impractical, home cinema audio set-up into a single extended device that can be wall-mounted or laid flat on a table.

In recent times, the likes of LG, Philips and Sonos have provided solid soundbar experiences for attainable prices. The Trusted Reviews-recommended Sonos Playbar costs just £599 or $699 brand new, which is almost half the price of the Sony HT-ST7.

We’re not sure when the Sony HT-ST7 will make its way to the UK, but it will have to be something special to offer twice the Sony Playbar experience when it does.

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