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Sony: Consumers aren’t quite ready for 4K recording

Despite offering a selection of 4K TVs, Sony has suggested that consumers aren’t quite ready for 4K video recording on their digital cameras as the company launches a range of new models.

With the Sony Alpha 6000 having been officially unveiled earlier this morning as the world’s fastest auto-focusing snapper, the company has suggested that while NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity options are becoming mainstream, consumers still have reservations about 4K recording.

“I don’t think consumers are quite there with 4K yet,” Claire Beard, Sony’s UK Product Manager for Digital Cameras said speaking with TrustedReviews.

She added: “It’s just an extra spec really.”

Although suggesting that consumers are not yet ready for 4K video recording on their DSLRs, bridge and compact cameras, Beard has claimed this could soon change.

“Some competitors have already introduced 4K recording models so it is a point of differentiation that we don’t have at the moment but we see the need for it,” she told us.

Beard’s comments were echoed by Takahiro Hirata, Sony’s Department Head for Digital Imaging who suggested that as 4K TVs grow in popularity, the need for 4K video recording will increase.

“There is definitely going to be a 4K trend,” he said while chatting with TrustedReviews. “Once the TV side is established in 4K, the imaging side will follow.”

He added: “Today our new Alpha 6000 doesn’t have 4K video recording but we will see about future models.”

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