The Sonos One range is getting a facelift just in time for summer

The Sonos One, which is already one of the best smart speakers around, is going to be available in a range of new colours as a result of a collaboration with the Danish design brand HAY. 

In total, three new colours will be available; red, green and yellow. These will sit alongside the speaker’s existing black and white models.

The new colours will be available in September, but unfortunately they’ll be a tad more expensive than the existing Sonos Ones at £229 compared to £199. Sonos hasn’t explicitly confirmed this, but with the new lineup being referred to as a ‘Limited Edition Collection’ we can’t imagine the new colours are going to find a permanent place in the lineup.

Of course, the real update we’re waiting for when it comes to the Sonos One is the addition of Google Assistant. When the speaker launched last year it relied solely upon Alexa for its voice control, but at the time Sonos promised that support for Google’s voice assistant would be coming at some point in 2018.

When that launches, the Sonos One will be the only speaker in the market to support both voice assistants natively. Combined with the already-excellent Sonos ecosystem, this update will make the speaker very capable indeed.

All the colours of the rainbow

Despite the Sonos One’s wide ranging functionality, we’d be lying if we said we were massive fans of how it looks at the moment.

Previous smart speakers such as the Google Home and Amazon Echo have tried to offer a much wider range of looks before. The newest generation of the Amazon Echo is available in various different colours, while the Google Home even has a removable speaker grille that you can replace with different coloured accessories.

So here’s to the Sonos One being more adventurous still with its colour-schemes in the future.

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