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Samsung won’t be releasing any OLED TVs in 2015

Samsung has confirmed that it won’t be releasing any OLED TVs next year.

Speaking with reporters recently, the South Korean company’s TV head Kim Hyun-seok said that Samsung’s “strategy on OLED TV this year as well as next year remains unchanged.”

In other words, don’t expect the OLED TV revolution to kick off in 2015 – at least, not from Samsung. The company has been struggling to find a cost-effective way to mass-produce OLED TV panels, which is widely predicted to be the next step for television technology.

However, LG, Samsung’s major rival in the TV space, is known to be considerably further ahead with its own OLED TV efforts. In fact, back in September the company revealed that its own fortuitous investment in white OLED technology had given it a two to three year head-start over its rivals.

As for Samsung, it will instead turn to quantum dot LCD TV sets for its advanced TV lines in 2015. This technology is a much more efficient way of emitting colours, leading to superior colour accuracy and better colour saturation compared to old LCD standards. The latter in particular is something traditional LCD technology struggles with.

The technology has already been employed by Sony in its Triluminous TV sets. Now Samsung is set to push its own take on the technology in the absence of an OLED breakthrough.

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