Samsung to skip Galaxy Note 6 name and go straight to Note 7?

Samsung is preparing to pull a Microsoft by skipping a version number for the forthcoming Galaxy Note release.

According to reports, the company is planning to leapfrog the large-screened Galaxy Note 6 and call it the Galaxy Note 7.

The rationale behind the decision is quite simple; it wants the next Note to sit neatly in line with this year’s Galaxy S7 devices.

Speaking to the Korean Electronic Times site, a high-ranking source in the telecommunications industry said that the switch will “unify a premium image”.

The source said: “When a Galaxy Note 6 on release has a model number that’s lower than Galaxy S7, which is the newest model, it can give a feeling that it’s an outdated phone.

“It’s known that Samsung Electronics has made the numbers the same to unify a premium image.”

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Beyond the nomenclature change, Samsung is only planning to release an Edge version of the device, with dual-edged display, ET sources claim.

The report also suggests Samsung will announced the device in late July, ahead of an on-sale date in early or mid-August.

What you need to know about the Galaxy Note 6:

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