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Samsung really, really wants you to buy an 8K TV

While plenty of folks are yet to upgrade to a 4K TV, many citing the lack of content to justify the expense, Samsung is already focused on getting folks to buy 8K sets.

After launching an array of high-end sets with the 8K resolution during the CES 2020 expo, Samsung says it’s full steam ahead on the next-generation format.

Speaking to the South Korean media during CES 2020 in Las Vegas, Samsung consumer electronics chief Kim Hyun-suk, pointed out Samsung had widened the price range of its 8K sets, so they’re no longer just for the richest customers.

He told the Korea Times: “Samsung is looking at three-fold growth in the business in 2020. The 2020 lineup of 8K TVs has market competitiveness in terms of picture quality and sound as well as design. We also have widened the price range of 8K TVs to attract more customers.”

Samsung stunned at CES 2020 with its new 8K Infinity Screen flagship television called the Q950TS. The display occupies a staggering 99% of the total screen and is just 15mm thick.

Trusted Reviews attended a preview of the TV before the announcement, and we felt that the lack of a true bezel surrounding the screen made “it look like the picture is floating.”

While there’s little in the way of native 8K content available now, Samsung uses a new AI Quantum Processor that will help upscale lower resolution content to near-8K quality.

Kim says this chip will give Samsung a critical competitive edge in the years to come, claiming it’ll take a long time for rivals in China to catch up. This could lead to Samsung actually selling its chips to other manufacturers in order to assist the proliferation of 8K TVs, once mass production of the chips begin.

“The 8K chips we are currently using for the firm’s TV lineup are not widely available in the market. It takes at least two years to develop such chips. I don’t know when Chinese firms will start to manufacture their own chips,” Kim added.