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Samsung mocks Apple for caring a little bit about the planet

Samsung is no stranger to taking the mickey out of Apple. In fact, it built an entire smartphone empire, partially by mocking the iPhone and its customer base back in the day.

Sometimes, though, Samsung could do with picking its battles. Just as Apple was announcing the new iPhone 12 range would no longer ship with a power brick as part of its environmental commitments, Samsung seemed to sense a point-scoring opportunity.

In a Facebook post, Samsung posted a picture of its fast-charging wall adaptor accompanied by the caption “included with Galaxy.”

The post itself actually contained some decent points, such as presence of a 120Hz display on its flagship handsets, which the iPhone range lacks. The other brags within the post won’t play out until we’ve put the iPhone 12 range through its paces.

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The company writes: “Your #Galaxy does give you what you are looking for. From the most basic as a charger, to the best camera, battery, performance, memory and even 120Hz screen on a smartphone.”

The absence of a power brick, as well as the EarPods earphones, won’t go over well with all iPhone users, but Apple is calculating that most will have a bunch of USB adapters lying around, and that EarPods are undesirable/ubiquitous enough not to bother including either.

The company has since dropped the price of both items by $10/£10 on the official Apple Store, for those who do need extras. The Lightning to USB-C adapter is now £19 instead of £29, meaning those who upgrade will get a faster 20W charging experience. EarPods are now £19 too, which is still too expensive considering the quality on offer.

The overall idea is to help Apple towards its goals of ensuring it is 100% carbon neutral by 2030. As a result of this move, Apple now will be able to fit 70% more iPhone 12 handsets on a shipping pallet because the product box will be smaller and lighter.

“We hope others will follow, making this impact even bigger for our planet,” says the leader of Apple’s environmental efforts Lisa Jackson. Samsung doesn’t look like it’ll be doing so any time soon.