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PUBG’s latest update takes a few tips from Apex Legends

The latest update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds adds two exciting new features to the battle royale experience. 

Update 30 for the hugely popular online title went live today, bringing with it a few changes that might seem familiar to fans of Apex Legends

Yep, after vaulting through windows blew the minds of players when it was first introduced, players can now mount the ledges of buildings and pull themselves up to high ground.

Activated with a simple press of the space bar, you’ll be able to grab any ledge that is 2.5 metres high or less, otherwise you’ll need to find some stairs or a more creative way up. 

Bluehole has said that it will continue to iterate on the mechanic with future updates, planning to find a sweet spot that works for everyone with a couple of patches going forward. 

The other major new feature is the Radio Message System. In essence, this is pretty much the innovative Ping System first introduced in Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends

By using the middle mouse button, you can ping anything you are currently pointed at with bespoke voice commands or a list of pre-made ones. So, if you see an enemy or loot, it’s even easier to let your teammates know. 

If you’re a little shy about speaking with strangers on the internet, this should transform the way in which you coordinate as a team in random PUBG matches. 

PUBG continues to be one of the best battle royale titles out there, making for a tense, realistic alternative to the colourful tones of Fortnite. Earning 4/5 in our review, we described it as: “not quite the original Battle Royale game, but close and still one of the best. Fortnite is more fun and has more sense of personality, but if you’re looking for a shooter with tension, suspense and three great, very different maps, then PUBG is still the one to play.”

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