PS4 getting officially licensed media remote

Sony’s PS4 games console is finally set to get an officially licensed media remote control – but there are a couple of snags.

It’s a curious quirk of the current console generation that while these machines are more powerful than their predecessors, they were in many ways functionally inferior at launch.

Take the total lack of an official media remote control for the Sony PS4 since it was released some 20 months ago. With the official PS3 remote irritatingly incompatible, it continues to be a baffling omission.

There’s still no sign of an official Sony remote, but some of us are now set to get the next best thing. As highlighted by GameSpot, gaming peripheral maker PDP is making an officially endorsed PS4 media remote.

The PDP Universal Media Remote for PS4 is set to launch on October 31, according to its Amazon listing. As you can see, it sports the PS4 branding and Home button, as well as those signature corresponding fascia buttons. These sit amongst a bunch of typical media controls.

PS4 remote

This is actually a universal remote, so as well as controlling media playback on your PS4 you’ll be able to control three other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

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There’s a bit of a snag here, however. The remote is currently available on Amazon’s US site only, and the blurb points out that it’s licensed by Sony Computer Entertainment America. We in Europe might be out of luck.

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It seems most of us will just have to keep on looking at Sony expectantly until it finally relents and gives us the official PS4 media remote we should have had at launch.

Find out how the PS4 compares to the Xbox One in the video below: