One of the best iOS tricks ever has been hiding in plain sight

Organising the apps on your iPhone and iPad home screen isn’t particularly the most fluid and intuitive aspect of the iOS experience.

You have to hold down the app icon until it jiggles, drag it to its new position and then long press others to shift them into a new position.

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However, it turns out Apple has been making it unnecessarily hard for us to get our home screens exactly how we want them.

Without telling anyone, in iOS 11, Apple has added a way to move multiple apps at the same time and even add them to existing folders.

Discovered by Finertech, the method enables you to group a series of apps together and move them to a new position.

Here’s how:

  1. Long press on the app of your choosing until it begins to jiggle and the cross appears.
  2. While keeping that finger on the app, move it around just a little bit.
  3. Now, with a second finger (all while keeping the original app held down) tap another app. It’ll be instantly grouped with another app.
  4. Now tap another, and another and another.
  5. You can now drag this group to a new home screen or into an existing folder. Release when you’re done.

Et Voila.

Why Apple negated to tell users about this hidden trick remains to be seen, but it certainly makes arranging your iPhone home screens a bit simpler.

Perhaps the company will broadcast this tip when it launches iOS 12 at WWDC in June.

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