The Nvidia Shield TV 2019 could be in the works – and we couldn’t be more excited

Nvidia’s working on an upgrade to its awesome Shield TV Android entertainment hub, according to a recent ‘leak’.

The leak stemmed from XDA Developers late on Thursday (UK time) and suggested the technology giant is working on key updates to the Shield TV’s remote and controller.

Details were a little thin on the ground but the new products are reportedly codenamed “Stormcaster and “Friday”. The only detail we have about the new controller is that it will reportedly accept inputs via USB as well as Bluetooth. The report inferred this meant the company is working on a wider upgrade to the platform as a whole.

Nvidia declined to comment when Trusted Reviews reached out for confirmation of XDA’s report. The spokesman instead gave us the same statement the company sent XDA Developers.

“It’s fairly standard practice for various concept codenames to appear in codebases. Those references remain even when it becomes unlikely that the concept ever goes into production. We can’t comment on which codenames refer to product concepts that are active vs which ones are inactive, as it can be fluid. However, I can confirm that none of the codenames below refer to products that have launched publicly,” read the statement.

The original Shield TV launched in 2015 with the second generation following two years later in 2017. 2019 would be the logical point to unveil the third generation Shield TV as a result.

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The 2017 Shield TV was one of our favourite Android TV entertainment hubs. It featured all the perks of Android TV, 4K support and access to Nvidia’s stellar GeForce Now game streaming service. This let you stream triple A games over the internet at high graphical settings in 1080p without having to invest in a PlayStation, Xbox or expensive gaming PC.

We loved how the tech worked and found that, if you bought the optional Xbox-style Shield remote, you could get a console level, on demand gaming experience using the Shield TV.

With 4K gaming now becoming more mainstream and the imminent arrival of 5G on the horizon, which is forecast to revolutionise the game streaming market, we can’t wait to see what upgrades Nvidia has in store for GeForce Now.

Nvidia will have some stiff competition ahead of it though. Google Stadia was unveiled earlier this month and looks like a very compelling rival to GeForce Now. The service will in theory let you stream triple A games through any open Chrome browser.

Microsoft is also working on a Project xCloud game stream service. The company showcased it streaming Forza Horizon 4 to a smartphone earlier in March.

Apple’s also unveiled a new Apple Arcade game subscription service, that could appeal to iPhone and Apple TV users.

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