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Nokia moves past smartphones with mysterious product teaser

Nokia has just teased an upcoming product, days after announcing it was out of the smartphone game for good.

The new Nokia-stamped fare comes in the form of a mysterious black box. What’s inside – that’s anyone’s guess.

Top pick for the new Nokia kit is a set-top box, largely because it looks very similar to the existing raft of TV-proffering devices currently on offer from rival OEMs.

Of course, it could be something else entirely – an external hard disk drive, some kind of network hub, or a beefy blower with a 100,000mAh battery assured to restore Nokia to handset greatness.

Whatever the case, Nokia has vowed to crack open its fresh-faced enigma at some point tomorrow.

The shroud of secrecy will be lifted at the Slush 14 start-up event taking place in Helsinki, Finland, if all goes to plan.

The fact that Nokia says it wants to focus on networking, ‘technologies’, and its Here maps division doesn’t offer much in the way of clues either. The firm might be sans smartphones, but it still has plenty of opportunity for innovation in tech.

Nokia binned off its smartphone line-up after Microsoft acquired it earlier this year, laying claim to the Lumia name for good.

Since then, the tech world has kept a keen eye on Nokia in hopes the Finnish firm might reveal its plans in the near future.

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