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No Start Menu return for Windows until 2015

According to an article on ZDNet the Start Menu will not be making a return in Windows 8.1 Update 2, was originally suggested. Instead it will be built into a release which will arrive in 2015.

The ZDNet source does say that, officially, the codename for the version of Windows that sees the return of the much-loved Start Menu is “Threshold”. But it’s not actually clear of that will be Windows 9, perhaps Windows 8.2 or some other yet-to-be-announced name.

The new look for the Start Menu is, to be fair, something of a hybrid in itself. It is located in the same place as the original, and triggered with the now-returned Start Button, but there is still room for dynamic content in there, along with shortcuts to your favourite programs.

As much stick as Microsoft seems to get for Windows 8, the fact remains that it’s a very good operating system now. The company has continued to listen to feedback, and Windows 8.1 Update 1 is a much nicer OS to use than anything Microsoft has released before. There are those who do not, and will never, like the new user interface, but the core OS is rock solid.

In addition to the Start Menu being moved back, it also appears that running “modern” apps in windows on the desktop will also get bumped. These two features will likely appear together, which does make quite a bit of sense given how tied together they are with the death of the Start Screen.

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Via: ZDNet