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Next-gen Moov Now is the ‘Siri of sweat’ active fitness tracker

Moov has just launched the second-generation of its wearable fitness tracker – the Moov Now.

What’s special about the Moov Now is that unlike conventional passive fitness trackers, it offers active advice on how to improve through your headphones. It’s been called the “Siri of sweat”.

What’s more, it works across running, cycling, and swimming, which means you won’t need to shell out for a bunch of separate wearables.

The company’s first Moov Now launched through Kickstarter, raising an impressive $1 million in just two weeks.

So what’s new? The second-gen Moov Now has a new design, with a smaller form factor and an “ultra-comfortable strap”.

According to Moov, the new wearable is “so small, light and unobtrusive people will barely notice they’re wearing it.”

Now’s a good time to point out that you don’t have to wear the Moov Now on your wrist; it can also strap to your ankle.

moov 03The Moov app

What sort of advice does it actually offer? Well when you’re running, you’ll get tips on when to land softer, shorten stride, or pick up your pace.

When swimming, you’ll get an automatic breakdown of laps, stroke, and turns.

With cycling, you can monitor speed, distance, cadence, elevation, as well as receiving dedicated gear coaching.

Also on offer are 7-minute workout and cardio boxing programmes that give you an “interactive experience”.

The market is saturated with fitness trackers that all do the same thing – passive activity tracking. Moov Now goes beyond basic data, and coaches users through every swim, run, training session and more,” explains Meng Li, co-founder and CEO of Moov.

He continues: “Since the launch of our original product, which is still unsurpassed in terms of its coaching experience, we’ve amassed over a year’s worth of data for even more precise and intelligent workout analysis, and we’re excited to introduce Moov Now.”

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The Moov Now has a six month battery life, although there’s a caveat – you can’t recharge the cell, you can only replace it.

The fitness tracker is now available in four colours, specifically Aqua Blue, Fusion Red, Blizzard White, and Stealth Black.

It’s available for pre-order right now at an early-bird price of $59.99 (approx. £45), but it will eventually retail at $99 (approx. £64).

Shipping is expected to begin in autumn 2015.

Check out the Moov Now video below: