New Rainbow 6: Siege gameplay trailer launched

Ubisoft has released a 24-minute long new Rainbow 6: Siege gameplay trailer, showcasing two full matches.

Two E3 2014 teams fight against each other in a pair of 5-on-5 matches where teams try and rescue/protect the hostage.

Firstly you watch from the perspective of the Rainbow 6 team using a remote controlled buggy equipped with a camera to scope out what the opposing team are doing to fortify the house for the invasion.

This is during the preparation phase, where both teams must get ready for their team to attack or defend.

Then we move into the attack phase, where the Rainbow 6 team must try and infiltrate the house to retrieve the hostage.

What you’ll notice about Rainbow 6: Siege is that you’ll only get one life, meaning if you manage to take out a whole team, your squad will automatically win the match.

The video then explores the Rainbow 6: Siege gameplay from the alternative perspective.

You’ll see that playing as the defenders, you’re given the opportunity during the preparation phase to fortify the house using various defences including remote mines and window shields. You can also blow out walls to provide great attacking vantage points.

Coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC some time in 2015, Rainbow 6: Siege is a co-op multiplayer game that requires a lot of teamwork to achieve your goal.

Both teams will have to use tactics to ensure their success, either to receive or hold onto a hostage held within a suburban house.

When we played Siege at E3, we were very impressed with its visual quality and the great teamwork required when playing:

“This multiplayer game requires tactics, teamwork and quick thinking. It has the quality and precision of a Tom Clancy game and the enjoyability of the fast paced multiplayer of Battlefield. The fact that it isn’t forgiving makes gameplay more realistic and tense too.”

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