Mover Kit is a kids’ wearable that gets them active

Most wearables are boring black bracelets that have no sense of fun. But Mover Kit is playful, colourful and aimed at kids.

It gets kids engaged from the get-go. They build it themselves by following the instructions, giving them a sense of achievement before they even put it on. They even connect the electronics, case and accessories together.

Hook it up to a computer, and they can program how and when the lights flash. Maybe they want them to flash when they shake, or run, or spin, or jump, or move it left to right. They can also choose what pattern they flash in, whether it’s a blink, rainbow pattern or rotate.

Then it’s time to get playing. Jump around, shake it, spin it, they can do whatever they like to get the lights going.

Fitness bands are supposed to encourage movement, but usually they just confront you with some boring graphs and stats. This is a great way to make kids more active, and hopefully teach them a thing or two about coding at the same time.

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It’s aimed at kids aged eight and over. Inside is all the usual tech you’d find in a fitness band: an accelerometer, magnetometer, rechargeable battery and it connects via USB.

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