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Moox Bike is a bicycle and scooter in one

You might think there’s nothing new in the world of bikes. But you’d be wrong. Take a look at the Moox Bike, a bicycle and scooter in one.

It has pedals and a saddle just like a standard bike. But it also has a platform for standing on. So mid-ride, if you’re tired of peddling, you can hop onto the platform and glide along sideways.

The pedals also fold away, so if you just want to use it as a scooter, you can.

The design also means there’s no crossbar. Which, as any man who’s accidentally caught himself on one will attest, is good news.

The tyres are ridiculously chunky, so it can handle off-road riding, and it comes in a range of eye-catching colours: lurid green, white, blue, red and grey.

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In terms of bike specs, it has a Shimano Rapid Grip Shift shifter – in other words, you turn parts of the handles on the handlebars to change gears – Shimano RDM310 derailleur, Shimano 7-speed cassette, and an extra-wide all-weather sealed bearing bottom bracket.

It’s certainly a different way to ride. It’s raised almost $15,000 if a $75,000 goal and has 27 days to go. If you get in early, you can nab one for $649 (£428). Providing it hits its funding goal, it’ll ship in April.