Microsoft won’t be posting anymore Xbox One sales figures

Microsoft may just have admitted defeat in the console war, as it admits it will no longer post Xbox One sales figures.


won’t be seeing any stories in the near future about the PlayStation 4 outselling

Xbox One, as Microsoft might be waving its little white flag.

Last week, the company posted its quarterly fiscal results, but for the first time the hardware shipment metrics were missing.


quizzed on the topic by the eagle-eyed GameInformer, a Microsoft source

stated that the company is no longer using such figures as a

measurement of success.

Instead, it will use user engagement figures to illustrate its success, choosing Xbox Live as the leading statistic.

Is this Microsoft basically admitting it can’t compete with Sony when it

comes to PS4 hardware sales? And that’s even before we’ve really kicked

into the pre-Christmas buying period too.

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Xbox Live user stats are certainly impressive, though. The number

of monthly active users has risen sharply in the last quarter, with the company now

boasting 39 million active monthly users, an increase of 28% on the

previous period.

The Xbox One also has the stronger Christmas game line-up than the PS4, with Halo 5 coming out tomorrow and Rise of the Tomb Raider in November.

However, this could potentially change if there are some major announcements at Paris Games Week, which kicks of tomorrow.