Meet the gaming headphones that are also a game controller

Sometimes, when gaming, it feels like we don’t have enough fingers to accomplish everything we want to. We’re switching weapons when we should be firing and looking around the map when we should be advancing our armies.

Well, who knew our trusty brain box could help alleviate some of the demands on our overworked phlanges?

Sixth Sense Technology is currently seeking for funding its Booster One headphones on Kickstarter. The split-headed aluminium headphone features a gyroscope that can take on some of the responsibilities.

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For example, in strategy games it will enable users to tilt their head in all directions to look around the map, or program the headphones to apply a skill when tilting to the right.

Booster 1

In racing games you’ll be able to gaze around at other cars as you pass them, or tilt your head up to activate the nitro.

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In a first person shooter you can tilt your head to switch weapons or reload them.

The sensitivity of the gyroscope can even be adjusted to the user’s specifications using a knob that sits on the desk.

If the project is backed the Booster 1 will go on sale for $359, but early-bird specials are available for as little as $199.

The company is seeking $20,000 in backing and is half way there with 41 days left to go.

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