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Meerkat turns to Facebook with new update

Live streaming video app Meerkat has received an update that offers Facebook support after Twitter famously cut it adrift.

Meerkat Update #2, as it’s being referred to, lets you push live and upcoming streams directly to your Facebook page. Anyone who has been following the whole Meerkat saga will know that this is a direct response to Twitter leaving the company high and dry earlier in the year.

When Meerkat launched a couple of months ago, it featured Twitter’s social graph as a core component. This enabled the live streaming video app to instantly notify your contacts when you had something to share.

However, Twitter abruptly cut off Meerkat’s access to this social graph with virtually no warning. The reason for this was simple – the social network had purchased its own live streaming video app, Periscope, and didn’t want Meerkat encroaching on its territory ahead of launch.

Now that Periscope is out, Meerkat has turned to Twitter’s biggest social network rival as a means for spreading its live mobile videos.

This latest update allows you to link your Meerkat account to a business, brand, or organisation’s Facebook page, and your audience can sign in with Facebook Connect to view those streams.

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Another handy addition with Meerkat Update #2 is the ability to integrate your phone’s address book, helping you reach the peopl you know with the app’s live streams.

There’s also a new “Mobbing” feature that pushes popular Meerkat streams to the app’s main activity feed.

The latest version of Meerkat is available to download now from the iOS App Store.