MacOS 10.14 ‘Mojave’ Revealed: All the features you need to know about

After some of its main features leaked ahead of WWDC 2018, Apple has now officially announced macOS 10.14, and it has been named ‘Mojave’ after California’s famous desert. Here’s a look at some of the best new macOS 10.14 Mojave features.

We already knew that Dark Mode would be coming to the operating system, which can currently be found on the company’s lineup of notebook and desktop PCs. The announcement that Apple News would be coming to the Mac was also spoiled by the leak.

We got further details of how Dark Mode would work, and MacOS’s default apps such as Mail and Xcode were shown off using the new display mode.

However, we didn’t know about the new ‘Stacks‘ feature, which will allow you to instantly arrange everything in your desktop into organised sections of documents. Finder’s new ‘Gallery’ view was also unannounced, and allows you to quickly view important details and complete Quick Actions with your files such as rotating images.

These quick actions can also be customised to allow you to quickly watermark an image or document if you need to perform that action on a regular basis.

The most interesting upgrade will be coming to Screenshots, which you’ll now be able to use to record short videos in addition to static images. You can also double-click a screenshot the moment you’ve taken it in order to quickly edit it.

Continuity Camera will seamlessly let you click a button on your machine to easily take a photo using your phone and transfer it to MacOS.

A new Home app will bring HomeKit support to the Mac, so you can control and monitor your smart home from your computer for the first time.

Safari will also be updated to prevent web cookies from tracking you across the internet. You can still use your Facebook account to comment on websites, but you’ll have to give the website permission to do so first via a popup that the browser will generate. Apple will also introduce features to reduce the ability for websites to track you via your digital ‘fingerprint’.

The operating system’s App Store will also be updated. The store will have a new UI, and reviews and ratings will be made easier to leave.

Apple doesn’t charge for its operating system updates, so anyone with a compatible Mac will be able to download the software free of charge when it releases.

macOS Mojave Release Date: When does macOS 10.14 come out?

Apple’s Tim Cook confirmed that the first developer beta of macOS Mojave – as well as its mobile counterpart, iOS 12 – will be available immediately.

That means a stable build isn’t likely to be released until later in the year, with autumn the most likely for the final version.

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