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LG to cut TV build costs by upping OLED production

LG has plans to upscale its OLED panel manufacturing in December in an effort to bring down production costs.

The company currently produces OLED displays at a South Korean factory, where maximum panel production caps out at 8,000 glass panels per month.

The firm hopes to open a new production line very soon however, with hopes of pushing out around 26,000 OLED substrates every month.

The new ‘M2’ line will make use of larger substrates, which it then cuts into small panels. As the original glass sheets are bigger, there should be less waste material, saving LG some production dosh.

LG’s new line will focus on producing television displays, with the new line good for 55-inch, 65-inch, and 77-inch panels.

An LG Display spokesperson revealed to Cnet that the M2 line will begin its operations ‘before the end of the year’, but LG hasn’t set a specific date just yet.

Yesterday LG Display showed off its product roadmap for the next three years, revealing how plastic OLED displays would be used across a range of devices.

By 2017, LG hopes to have successfully produced rollable television screens for the consumer market.

2016 will see foldable displays on tablets, while 2015 has LG tipped to offer up bending smartphones.

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