LG’s £900 5K display won’t work near Wi-Fi

In a somewhat unfortunate turn of events, LG has admitted that its premium 5K display suffers from a pretty embarrassing issue: it won’t work if you put it anywhere near a router.

According to the BBC, a number of people that purchased the monitor found that it wouldn’t work at all if within 2 metres of a router. Others found that it had a flickering picture, which isn’t what you’d want from your new 5K display.

LG confirmed that models sold from this month onwards will have better electromagnetic sheilding to avoid the issue but it has some potentially less useful advice for anyone that can’t relocate their router or display.

ArsTechnica reports that the LG Ultrafine 5K error only seems to happen when the router is placed behind the monitor within two-feet, so moving it in front is another potential way to mitigate the issue if you already own an affected device.

If moving the router or display isn’t an option, or you’d rather just get it fixed properly, LG Ultrafine 5K owners should contact an LG service centre to get additional electromagnetic shielding retrofitted to their monitor.

Whether or not that particular fix will be enough to stem the reports of other issues affecting the displays remains to be seen.

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