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LG Kizon child-tracking wearable is coming to Europe

Kizon, LG’s smartband for kids, is finally set to leave South Korea and roll-out across Europe.

The wrist-borne wearable landed on LG’s home soil back in July, but will become available in Poland this week, with other European markets soon to follow.

The Kizon is designed to make parenting pre-schoolers and primary-age children a little easier, albeit a tad creepier too.

LG’s child-friendly fare comes fitted with GPS tech that allows parents to track their tots’ locations via a dedicated smartphone app.

There’s also a One Step Direct Call button for voice communication, made possible by a 2G GSM friendly SIM-card slot.

“Kizon was developed in response to customers’ opinions that technology should be used to improve the lives of all consumers and it occurred to us that children had the most to gain because they’re the most vulnerable,” said Dr Jonh-seok Park, LG’s President and CEO.

“With Kizon meeting the highest standards of child-friendly products, parents and guardians can find comfort in knowing that their children’s first exposure to wearable technology is a safe one.

Packed inside is a 400mAh battery that LG reckons is good for around 36 hours. Once levels hit 20 per cent, the child gets a voice notification alert and the parent gets a text message letting them know it’s time to charge.

It also comes in two choice colour options, blue and pink – how very modern.

It’s not clear whether the device is coming to the UK specifically just yet, but LG says it’ll make pricing and availability known locally in the coming weeks.

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