Can’t wait for The Force Awakens? Watch kittens recreate the best Star Wars scenes

It’s an accepted rule of the internet that all things are made better when kittens are involved.

We’ve got a great video for those of you currently in the throes of Star Wars hype.

A new video, coming courtesy of Mashable, sees two cute kittens recreating some of the best Star Wars movie scenes.

While undoubtedly a ploy to capitalise on the Star Wars: The Force Awakens hype machine, it’s still really, really cute.

Check it out:


“Before ‘The Force Awakens premieres, you should probably catch up on the original Star Wars trilogy,” writes Mashable. “Luckily for you, Mashable has teamed up with the ASPCA to recreate some of the most iconic Star Wars moments.”

It adds: “May the paw be with you.”

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The kittens that starred in the video are called Daffodil and Lady Bug.

Both are currently available for adoption over at, which is great because they’re practically celebrities already.


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