Why the iPhone 11 could see Apple vs Samsung boil over in 2018

iPhone 11: Everything you need to know about this year’s Apple flagship

The next iPhone will be released later this year, and our guide talks you through all the latest iPhone 11 leaks, news and rumours, as well as looking at the iPhone 11’s release date, specs, and price.

The successor to the iPhone X, which could well be called the iPhone 11, will once again feature a Samsung screen, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal. It’s likely to sit alongside an iPhone SE 2, iPhone X Plus, and maybe even an iPhone 9 to form Apple’s 2018 smartphone line-up, but what do we know so far? Let’s discuss.

Apple iPhone 11: Latest leaks, rumours and more

Apple is rumoured to have invested $3 billion into LG Display back in 2017 to help it expand its screen-making infrastructure, so it can reduce its reliance on rival Samsung – but it’s now looking like the project isn’t going quite according to plan.

The Wall Street Journal notes that, while it’s unclear what the problem is, LG’s production of edge-to-edge OLED screens has hit a snag and may not recover in time to meet the enormous demand for the impending release of the iPhone X2.

To make matters worse, Apple is tipped to release two variants of the iPhone X in 2018 – one with a 5.8-inch display and one with a 6.5-inch screen – and it could be left with no choice but to source both OLED panels from market rival Samsung.

That said, it’s not usual for big tech companies to source components from their competitors, as these firms are often conglomerates where one arm of the business has a different agenda to the other – Apple has been sourcing bits and bobs from Asia and South Korea in particular for some time now.

The reason Apple is so keen to find another partner to manufacture the OLED screens for the high-end iPhone X successor(s) is that Samsung is the main OLED manufacturer, so it has complete control of the going price of the panels.

Apple knows that Samsung has it over a barrel; if it wanted it could hike the cost per unit, forcing Apple to cut costs in other divisions or drive up the price of the next iPhone – both of which would give Sammy a competitive edge.

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The screen is the most expensive component on the iPhone X, says The Wall Street Journal, costing $97 of the estimated $376 that the firm spends on each unit. Bringing another manufacturer into the fold could slash that figure.

iPhone 11 Release Date: When will the iPhone 11 launch?

Apple’s traditional launch pattern sees it unveil new premium smartphones in September each year, and we’ve heard nothing so far that suggests 2018 will be any different.

That means that you’ll want to keep your eye on the first few weeks of September, though there’s an outside chance WWDC 2018 could see a new iPhone unveiled to help showcase iOS 12 – unlikely, but you can’t rule anything out these days.

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