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Instagram launches ‘Cinema’ feature to end shaky-cam iPhone blues

As part of the new video portion of its iPhone app, Instagram today announced new ‘world class’ image stabilisation tech it’s calling Cinema.

For iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 users of the app, the Cinema feature can be selected in post-production in order to help reduce the effects of movement on the iPhone’s video camera.

So, for example, if you’re walking along the street, or panning the camera around, the Cinema tech will adjust the footage to keep it smooth and steady.

The Cinema button appears for users on the preview screen, after they have taken the shot. It’s switched on by default, but hitting the icon turns the effect off.

If you switch it off and turn it back on you’ll be able to see the impact it has on the video clip. After a brief test it looks as if it works quite well.

The Facebook-owned company said that it had employed “video scientists” in order to develop the tech, but some observers have speculated it may simply be a crop-and-straighten tool that’s applied to the clip rather than anything too mind blowing.

At the moment it appears there are no plans to add this functionality to earlier iPhone models or the company’s Android app, which hasn’t been updated to accommodate video just yet.

Instagram isn’t the only app to offer video stabilisation tech, but it is a notable addition to its new iOS offering.

Have you given it a try yet? Let us know what you think.