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Huawei P50 (2021): 4 things we’d love to see in the next flagship

Huawei’s phones have been some of the most innovative and reliable on the market in recent years, pushing forward everything from camera tech to battery life.

While the Google services ban has put a dampener on Huawei’s current gen P40 family, excellent things are still expected from the Chinese brand going forward. Which is why we still expect big things from its rumour Huawei P50, which is rumoured for launch in 2021. Here’s the 4 biggest things we’d like it to bring to the table.

1. A complete visual modernisation of EMUI

Huawei will no doubt be eager to improve its App Gallery and HMS offerings, as a lack of apps is the main issue on the currently Google-less P40 phones. Yes, there are Petal Search and Phone Clone which help with getting apps initially, but it’s far from a complete solution.

Enough has already been said about Huawei and its lack of Google support, so I will instead focus on the EMUI software itself. I’d love the P50 to signal a complete makeover of the software. Rebuilt native apps that don’t encourage you to find replacements, fresh icons, maybe even a reinvention of the homescreen and app drawer. Huawei needs to offer something different from the Google alternatives and this could be the ideal way.

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2. Bring the stunning zoom from the P40 Pro Plus to the Pro models

If you are after the best phone for zooming then look no further than the Huawei P40 Pro Plus. In our P40 Pro Plus review, we raved about the sharpness of its zoomed shots and how it easily bested the beefy Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Huawei P40 Pro Plus

Huawei P40 Pro Plus and its massive Leica camera array

You do have to pay A LOT more for the P40 Pro Plus than the regular Pro though and hopefully by next year, and the P50, some of that tech might have trickled down into the Pro model. To be honest, I’d prefer if Huawei did away with the ‘Pro Plus’ model entirely as it’s just too much for one series to have multiple entries that aren’t all that different. Make it simpler and focus on a cheaper flagship and a ‘Pro’ model for those who want the best-of-the-best.

3. A higher-resolution, 120Hz screen would be nice – just don’t compromise the endurance

I have used a lot of 120Hz phones this year and the difference is obvious, especially when you pair it with a QHD+ resolution. The 90Hz FHD+ OLED on the P40 Pro series is far from poor and if Huawei was to push things a step further I would hope it could do it without sacrificing the all-important endurance. Samsung’s Exynos-toting S20 series struggled with battery life, however the Oppo Find X2 Pro does prove you can pair 120Hz with QHD+ and have a phone that can last two days.

4. Experiment with different materials

The Huawei P40 Pro is a great looking phone. It has plenty of clever touches, like the curves either end of the display and the matte back that doesn’t attract fingerprints. But, it would be nice to see Huawei experiment a little more with its materials. I’d love to see a leather back, like the glorious orange hue its high-end tablet comes in, to give it that extra hit of quirkiness.

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As it turns out, the P40 Pro is a hard phone to improve on. At least in areas Huawei is able to improve it. It has one of the best cameras around, packs plenty of power, 5G across the board and a design that’s both ergonomic and attractive. If the app situation improves and some of the above requests are added the P50 could very well be an Android king in 2021.