HTC One M8 Prime specs allegedly leak

Specifications for HTC’s rumoured premium phablet, the so-called HTC One M8 Prime, appear to have been leaked onto the internet.

As promised, we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for any further scraps of information surrounding the HTC One M8 Prime ever since @evleaks announced its existence last week.

Now one Japanese HTC fan website is claiming to have obtained specification details for the forthcoming phone – though we’re taking them with a hefty pinch of salt until we hear from another source.

HTCSoku claims to have obtained these specifications from a leaked terminal code. They refer to a device that’s been granted the name “M8_Prime.”

Apparently, as per our speculation, the M8 Prime will indeed feature a 2K QHD display – and a chunky 5.5-inch example at that. It will also pack a more powerful Snapdragon 805 CPU, which will be backed by 3GB of RAM.

But the most interesting spec here, and the one that makes us a little wary of trusting the source, is the camera. Sure enough, the main UltraPixel camera will receive a boost from the HTC One M8’s 4-megapixel example to a 5-megapixel unit. That’s wholly believable.

However, the secondary camera, which is used for those natty depth adjustment features, will apparently be a whopping 18-megapixel unit. By way of a reminder, the original M8’s secondary camera was a 2-megapixel example.

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We’ll let you know just as soon as we have a piece of corroborating evidence – or otherwise.

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Via: Phandroid