HTC M8 Ace leaks as new HTC One spinoff

Following the recent HTC One M8 release, a new spinoff has leaked under the guise of the HTC M8 Ace.

The mysterious handset, which looks set to feature a modified take of the sleek HTC One M8 design, has made a premature appearance courtesy of the reputable Twitter-based tech tipster @evleaks.

Appearing to be a be a scaled down version of the new HTC One M8, the mooted HTC M8 Ace shows what appears to be a metal bodied device with a vibrant red colour scheme.

Taking further pointers from the Taiwanese manufacturer’s flagship handset, the HTC M8 Ace has been pictured with sizeable BoomSound-esque stereo speakers on the phone’s upper and lower edges. The speaker grills appear to be larger than those on the One M8.

Although a heavily blurred image of the HTC M8 Ace has been shown off, @evleaks has offered no further details of what the phone might have in store.

Teasing the currently unconfirmed device, the tipster Tweeted simply: “HTC M8 Ace” and the largely unrevealing image of the handset.

Adding further mystery to the teased handset, the screen has been blurred out, raising questions over the possibility of a refreshed Blinkfeed UI, or, potentially, an edge-to-edge display.

The picture has also shown off an integrated forward-facing camera and accompanying light sensor.

As with all leaks and rumours, we must stress that this early look at the claimed HTC M8 Ace should be taken with a considerable pinch of salt until more official confirmation is offered by HTC.

Announced and launch in late March, the HTC One M8 is a direct rival to the inbound Samsung Galaxy S5, with a 5-inch, 1080p Full HD display and  2.3GHz quad-core processor paired with an innovative dual-lens rear-mounted camera and premium metal design.

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