Honor 20 release date: Honor confirms its next flagship is launching very soon

Honor 20 price, release date and features: Everything you need to know about next Honor flagship

Honor has sent out invitations to its next product launch and it looks like we’re going to see the Honor 20 very soon. Judging by the invite the event is going to take place in London on May 21 and it won’t be seeing a launch any time before in China.

Read on for everything we know so far about the phone.

Honor 20 release date – When is the Honor 20 out?

Here’s when the previous global Honor flagship phones were announced:

  • Honor 6 – June 2014
  • Honor 7 – June 2015
  • Honor 8 – July 2016
  • Honor 9 – June 2017
  • Honor 10 – May 2018

Honor sent out invitations for its Honor 20 launch on April 15 and you can see the tweet below.

While the date isn’t immediately obvious, the bunch of 4s nestled in the bottom corner points to May 21 launch date in London. We’d assume the number 4 has some meaning for the phone; the amount of cameras, perhaps?

Honor 20 price – How much will the Honor 20 cost?

The Honor 10 hit the market at £400. That was £40 more than the Honor 9 the previous year, but it matches a general upward trend for smartphone prices in recent years.


We’d expect the Honor 20 to be at least £400, and it might even creep north of that figure to the mid-£400s.

Honor 20 – Performance

Last year’s Honor 10 ran on exactly the same Kirin 970 CPU as the Honor View 10, so we can look to the Honor View 20 for a guide to the Honor 20’s likely performance level.

Unsurprisingly, the Honor View 20 runs on the Kirin 980 CPU. This is good news for the Honor 20, as it’s a very capable piece of silicon.

Built using the same 7nm architecture as the Apple A12 that powers the iPhone XS, it’s the same eight-core chip that so impressed us in the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Suffice to say, we’ve got no worries that the Honor 20 will provide plenty of bangs for your bucks.

The Honor View 20 was backed by either 6GB or 8GB of RAM, and we’d expect to see a similar provision in the Honor 20.

Honor 20 – Design and display

When it comes to the design and display of the Honor 20, looking to the Honor View 20 for guidance is only of limited value. The latter is invariably a larger device with a different design language.

Still, there are broad lessons that can be learned. For example, me might expect to see the View 20’s hole punch display replicated in the Honor 20, rather than the more regular notch of the Honor 10. Honor boss George Zhao has stated his preference for the hole punch display over the classic notch, which seems to be as clear a hint as any as to which way the Honor 20 will go.

In terms of screen size, we can expect the Honor 20 to be smaller than the 6.4-inch Honor View 20. Given that the latter represented an increase over the View 10’s 5.99-inch display, however, we might expect to see the Honor 20 follow suit.

That makes rumours of a 6.1-inch Honor 20 screen seem quite believable. Far more exciting than that, though, is the claim that the Honor 20 could finally see the brand upgrading from LCD to OLED screen technology. Whether that’ll involve a Pro model, with the standard Honor 20 perhaps sticking with LCD, remains to be seen.

Honor 20 – Camera

We can once again look to the Honor View 20 for a tip on where the brand’s head might be at when it comes to the Honor 20’s camera. This would suggest that it’s likely to be another dual-camera system.

However, it’s also worth pointing out that last year’s Honor flagships didn’t have identical camera systems, so they might vary a little here.

Even so, the prospect of another 48-megapixel camera system is pretty tantalising – especially given the results we gained from the View 20’s camera, which were well above what we’ve come to expect at this price point.

Some internet rumours have even suggested that the Honor 20 might go one better and offer a triple camera system. These sources (unsubstantiated, we should stress) claims that a 20-megapixel super wide-angle camera and an 8-megapixel telephoto camera will join a 48-megapixel main snapper.

Rumours originating from China also specify the Sony IMX600 sensor as the component at the heart of this system. This is the component that can be found in the phenomenal Huawei P30 Pro.

Talking of which, might we actually see Honor following its big brother brand and releasing an Honor 20 Pro? That’s what the leaked spec sheet that seems to be at the heart of many of these rumours, from Chinese social media site Weibo, would claim.

Honor 20 – Additional features

The above rumours assert that the Honor 20 will pack a chunky 3650mAh battery, which should prove ample for a day and beyond. If that’s accompanied by Huawei’s 22.5W SuperCharge standard, it shouldn’t take long to juice up either.

These rumours also claim that the phone will sport 128GB of internal storage as standard, with an optional 256GB upgrade. Again, that should do the trick nicely.