High Court orders ISPs to block a dozen more ‘pirate’ sites

The UK High Court has ordered more ‘pirate’ streaming sites be added to the country’s unofficial ban list, asking ISPs to block access to 13 sites including the popular 123movies.to.

Requested by the Motion Picture Association (MPA), the order adds to the increasing list of blocked websites that facilitate copyright infringement.

ISPs including Sky, BT, TalkTalk, Everything Everywhere, Telefonica UK, and Virgin are all required to prevent their users from accessing the newly identified sites.

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Among the websites listed are Genvideos.org, Hdmovieswatch.net, and 123movies.to, which attracts millions of daily visitors from around the world.

Some of the sites, including 123movies, are directing users to other urls, hosted in different countries, which will allow them to get around the block.

The MPA claims research shows that U.K. sites lose 75% of their estimated usage on average following a block

such as the one that has been ordered this week.

ISPs must prevent access to the named sites within the following days, but it’s unclear whether all of them have managed to establish the block at the time of writing.

Here’s the full list of blocked websites: 123movies.to, Geektv.is, Genvideos.org, Gowatchseries.biz, Hdmovies14.net, Hdmovieswatch.net, Themovie4u.com, Moviesub.net, Movietubenow.biz, Series-cravings.me, Spacemov.com, Streamallthis.is and Watchmovies.ms.

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