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Here’s how Apple could bring iPhone production back to the US

President-elect Donald Trump has been barking at Apple to ‘build their damn computers in the US’ since before anyone was taking him seriously and it’s starting to look like he might get his own way.

Last month brought speculation Apple had asked suppliers to consider decamping to the US and now key Apple supplier and iPhone assembler Foxconn has confirmed plans to expand its US business.

We can confirm that we are in preliminary discussions regarding a potential investment that would represent an expansion of our current US operations,” a spokesperson for the Chinese firm told the WSJ (via CNET).

The revelation comes as Trump continually beats the drum about charging US companies 35% taxes on repatriating products made outside the US.

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So, the iPhone would still be made by China, just not in China. It’s sort of an “If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad” situation isn’t it?

For Apple, manufacturing the iPhone in the United States would likely cut deep into its hefty, hefty quarterly profits and may drive prices up.

There’s no way Apple would be able to pay domestic workers the pittance received by the majority of production line workers in China.

A China Labor Watch investigation last year claimed those employees earned the equivalent of £1.42 per hour and had to work long hours in order to sustain a living.

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Would bringing iPhone production back to the US be a good thing? Share your thoughts in the comments below.