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GTA 5 map revealed by fan project?

The full GTA 5 map of Los Santos has been revealed by a fan months before its launch in September.

One GTA 5 has managed to create a complete version of the GTA 5 Los Santos map, including the outlying islands.

The map is created from a composite of all the snippets of information revealed so far by Rockstar in the form of screenshots, trailers and the GTA 5 Collector’s Editions announced in recent weeks.

GTA 5’s Los Santos will be much more expansive than the city seen in previous titles, including GTA: San Andreas. RockStar Games’ Los Angeles parody has become much more elaborate and looks set to include island locations and small townships alongside the main city.

Already tipped to be around three and a half times larger than the Red Dead Redemption world, the GTA 5 map will also be bigger than the combined maps of GTA 4 and GTA: San Andreas.

Of course, this fan-made map isn’t official so is subject to change, speculation and huge inaccuracies.

GTA 5 Features
Although Take-Two has confirmed that GTA 5 won’t make an E3 appearance, RockStar Games has been steadily drip-feeding its fans with GTA goodies.

The developer has released a wealth of GTA 5 screenshots and a handful of trailers to appease the masses, revealing that the game will be the first to feature a playable multi-character line-up.

Players will be able to control all three main characters, Michael, Franklin and Trevor, swapping between them at will, even during missions, which are said to revolve around eight major heists.

“It’s worth nothing that people are responding not only to the game’s vast size and scope but also to its innovative three-characters structure and heist mission design, which offer immense opportunities for gameplay and storytelling that should raise the bar, not only for this franchise but for all interactive entertainment,” said Take-Two President, Karl Slatoff, of the game’s criticism so far.

GTA 5 will be released for Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles on September 17. No official word on next-generation console GTA 5 releases has been mentioned yet, but we’d be very surprised if the game wasn’t made available for Xbox One and PS4.

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GTA 5 map

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