Google tests black links, internet is furious

People don’t like change. Spotify’s logo hue switcheroo proved that. And now Google has proven it too.

Google is testing a new version of its search results page that features black links, not blue. The change isn’t global however; Google is A/B testing the feature, which means only select users will experience the black links.

The earliest Twitter reports of Google’s black links date back to May 7. There are also intermittent reports of Google testing different shades of blue, too.

black(Via Twitter)

In any case, the internet is furious. Obviously.

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Twitter users have spoken out against the black links en masse, condemning Google for not consulting them about the change first.

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Fortunately, A/B testing is, well, testing. Google won’t necessarily adopt the change. The search engine giant likely wants to see whether black links increase the volume of search result click-throughs or, more likely, advertisement click-throughs.

Many of the outraged users make a fair point, however: the black links make it harder to tell whether you’ve visited a page previously. Usually, links turn from blue to purple when you’ve clicked them once. But the black links are always black.

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What colour do you think Google’s search result links should be? Let us know in the comments.