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Google settles patent war with Apple-backed consortium

Google has settled litigation with Rockstar, a patent consortium that sued the search engine giant last October over alleged infringements.

A patent consortium is a group of firms that band together to share patent licenses – sharing is caring in the tech world.

Rockstar boasts a bunch of high-tier backers including Apple, BlackBerry, Microsoft, and Sony, making it a formidable corporate foe.

Back in 2011, the Rockstar collective shelled out $4.5 billion for Nortel Network Corp patents, outbidding Google for the IP fare.

Then in October 2013, Rockstar took to the courts in a lawsuit that claimed Google and several of its handset OEMs running Android had infringed seven former Nortel patents.

While the details aren’t exactly clear, we do know that all of the patents related in some way to search engine technology.

Google then hit back with its own lawsuit two months later, hoping to shelter its Android manufacturers from litigious harm.

Now Reuters reports that Google has agreed to settle the case, which will be ‘reduced to a definitive agreement’ within the coming weeks.

We’ll have to hang around while all the involved firms’ legal teams hammer out what’s likely to be an extensive list of terms and agreements that should indefinitely halt any legal proceedings.

In other tech litigation news, Samsung has just kicked off a lawsuit against Nvidia over what it reckons are fudged Tegra K1 benchmarks.

It’s all part of a back-and-forth that saw Nvidia file suit against Samsung earlier this year over infringed Nvidia GPU patents.

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