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Google’s Project Vault to secure your phone’s data with micro SD

Google has announced yet another ‘Project’ at its Google I/O conference, this time focused on securing users’ most sacred information on a super-smart micro SD card.

The Project Vault platform is effectively an entire secure computer running on a micro SD card that slots into the users phone just like a normal storage device.

The card contains software that doubles down on encryption of all the most sensitive data. The card is able to scramble chat messages while also offering extra authentication levels to stop unauthorised parties accessing the information.

The initiative is the work of Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group. The ATAP’s Regina Dugan said (via CNET): “Project Vault is your digital mobile safe. Big security, small package.”

The card has 4GB storage, runs on an ARM processor, has NFC tech built-in and is compatible across Android, Windows and Apple’s iOS, OSX and Linux.

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Google is planning to roll out the Vault tech for enterprise use first and foremost, with a consumer launch touted if the tech proves popular.

The platform arrives amid the growing concern and fightback against government surveillance on both sides of the Atlantic. Could this be the future tech that keeps the snoops out?