Google Play Books updates makes skimming non-fiction a breeze

Google has updated its Play Books app today in hopes of improving the experience of reading non-fiction content.

The new update offers up a raft of new features that’ll make hunting down your favourite recipe or skimming through top holiday destinations easier than ever.

First up is skim mode, a new option that lets users shoot through books with a scrollbar. It should mean flitting between e-book sections will be far less laborious.

Google has also added quick bookmarks, which lets users add multiple bookmarks through an e-book.

Finally there are notes and highlights, opening up a whole world of user annotation. The update means you’ll be able to jot down whatever you like on the page – refined vandalism, if you will.

Until now, non-fiction titles would be a bit of a chore to get through, especially if you were just looking for a particular item.

The nippy new features are available in the latest version of Google Play Books, which is available from the Play store on Android devices.

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