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Pixel 2 XL Camera Issue: Google’s struggling to find a fix

The nine-month-old Google Pixel 2 XL has been one of the most troubled smartphones to hit the shelves in recent times, with it first suffering from a frustrating screen burn-in issue and later developing a bug that caused it to make a clicking sound when transmitting data via Near Field Communication.

Google has made a valiant effort at ironing out the largest creases – and it’s been successful, for the most part. The screen is now burn-in-free, and the clicking noise has been eliminated. One issue it hasn’t been able to fix, however, is a software bug that renders the handset’s rear camera useless, regardless of how it’s being used.

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The issue has been around since the Google Pixel 2 XL debuted in October 2017. Big G waited until July 2018 to acknowledge it, however, revealing on Twitter that the Pixel team is working on a fix. What’s unclear is whether it’s caused by a hardware or software defect, the latter of which can be addressed by a software update.

Google initially thought the bug was the result of cellular interference, but that theory was later annulled when the workaround the firm recommended turned out to have no effect whatsoever. That’s when the salesperson helming the @MadeByGoogle Twitter account noted that the team’s looking into the matter.

It looks like it’s having a tough time finding a fix, though, as the second cache-clearing exercise it recommended once again failed to remedy the situation.

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