Google makes it easier to embed 360-degree content

Google has released a tool that will make it easier to embed 360-degree content in web pages.

VR View is the name of Google’s new tool, and it’s described as “a quick and easy way to embed immersive content on Android, iOS and the web.”

The tool takes 360-degree images or videos and turns them into interactive experiences that can be viewed on a phone, Cardboard viewer, or on a computer.

It’s now possible for developers to embed such 360-degree experiences within native apps. All that’s needed is the latest Cardboard SDK for Android or iOS, followed by “a few lines of code.”

As for the web, all that’s needed to embed 360 content is an iframe.

This should lead to an explosion of 360-degree experiences across the web, which could make booking holidays and online property scouting a much richer experience.

As the eagle-eyed and tech-savvy among you may have noticed, this means that Google has taken this opportunity to add iOS support to the Cardboard SDK.

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“We really feel like the core vision of Cardboard is ‘VR for everyone,'” Google product manager Nathan Martz told TechCrunch. “And it turns out that a lot of phones in a lot of pockets are iOS phones.”

All of this is part of Google’s plan to make VR content more discoverable and accessible to both consumers and businesses who might not have a VR-focused department just yet.


Are you happy about the prospect of more 360 content on the web? Let us know in the comments.