Google Glass being tested by US Air Force for battlefield use

The US Air Force has announced it has been testing Google Glass for the battlefield.

Google Glass has been in beta-testing with the US Air Force’s BATMAN team in Ohio, which is looking at implementing the technology as a warfare tool.

In fact, the team is even looking to build specific Glass apps to be used in action.

At the moment, the Air Force believes Google Glass could be used to aid air controllers working on the ground to get fighter and bomber aircrafts to their targets, assist search and rescue missions, supply and rescue operations and even enable easier communication between combat controllers and aircrafts flying overhead.

The positive attributes “are its low power, its low footprint, it sits totally above the eyes, and doesn’t block images or hinder vision,” said 2nd Lt. Anthony Eastin, a behavioural scientist on the BATMAN team.

The team also liked the fact Glass made it easy to access information quickly.

BATMAN got hold of two Google Glass prototypes through the Glass Explorer scheme and is now working to build prototype proprietary software for the device.

“The goal is to build software for research purposes for future endeavours,” said Eastin.

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Google Glass is part of a wider attempt by the military to move away from laptops on the battlefield in favour of more portable and covert smartphones, tablets and wearables.

Google hasn’t actually been working with the US Air Force for the Glass and currently has no plans to do so in an official capacity.

“The Glass Explorer program includes people from all walks of life, including doctors, firefighters, and parents. Anyone can apply to become a Glass Explorer, provided he or she is a U.S. resident and over the age of 18”, came the official statement.

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Via: VentureBeat