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Rumour: Metal Gear Solid could be getting a PS5 exclusive remake

A new rumour has emerged online that points to Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid receiving a fully-fledged remake on the PS5.

This report comes from a YouTube channel known as RedGamingTech who typically specialises in gaming hardware, but touched upon the potential remake in a new video.

According to the channel’s source, it will not be a simple remaster of the original game or Twin Snakes, a remake from Silicon Knights which launched back on the Nintendo Gamecube. Instead, it will apparently completely reimagine the iconic stealth adventure.

It will be a console exclusive to PS5 and will also be coming to PC, which seems to be a common strategy with Sony’s first-party exclusives in the last and coming generation.

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The source also claims that Metal Gear Solid 1, 2 and 3 will also be receiving remasters, which is reinforced by ratings having surfaced in Taiwan (via Gematsu). It’s been a while since the franchise emerged on modern platforms, so it would be awesome to see them make a return on PS5.

If this rumour rings true, it wouldn’t be the first Konami franchise to be awash with speculation in recent months. Many of us are waiting for the inevitable Silent Hill revival, which is once again claimed to be in development as a PS5 exclusive.

Perhaps Sony is hoping to capitalise on classic PlayStation franchises which have remained dormant in recent years, reviving them as worthwhile first-party exclusives that will draw players to its new console. It’s a pretty good strategy if we’re being honest.

If you haven’t played the original Metal Gear Solid, it was very ahead of its time when it launched back in 1998, revolutionising the third-person stealth genre with an innovate approach to movement, combat and narrative. It also marked the mainstream introduction of Hideo Kojima into the gaming zeitgeist.