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Mario Kart Tour finally feels a bit more like the real thing

Nintendo’s Mario Kart Tour mobile game does a lot of things right, especially now it has gained online multiplayer, but playing in portrait mode has always felt a little unnatural.

The Japanese giant seems to recognise this too and has launched a landscape more for the iOS and Android version of its seminal kart racing game.

From tomorrow you’ll be able to flip the handset to landscape in order to have a wider field of view when racing around courses, firing on enemies and attempting to avoid those irksome green shells.

The landscape more also features a new control layout with the steering controls on the left, which is more befitting of a Mario Kart game.

The company says: “When set to Portrait/Landscape, the game will switch between these two modes during races depending on the current orientation of your device. When Left/Right Controls is enabled and you race in landscape mode, you can use the left side of the screen to steer your kart and the right side of the screen to use items. Landscape mode is only available during races. The tutorial and Practice While Downloading races do not support landscape mode.”

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It’s not clear why it’s taken Nintendo almost a year to add thi