Fallout 76 will not be going free-to-play any time soon, Bethesda has confirmed

Bethesda has slammed the hammer down on recent rumours of Fallout 76 potentially going free-to-play in the future.

Rumours began being circulating (via Segment Next) earlier this week that some retailers had pulled copies of the game from shelves prior to a formal announcement.

Having launched back in November 2018 as a full-priced product, such a move would be considered incredibly drastic if pulled by Bethesda.

The publisher wasted no time putting these rumours to rest on social media when approached by a fan regarding the possibility of Fallout 76 going F2P.

“There is no truth to this rumor” Bethesda stated through its official Twitter account, immediately shutting down any speculation.

Fallout 76 has encountered a number of problems following its release in the form of unexpected bugs and issues outside of the game itself.

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One recent patch caused weapons to no longer operate properly, which is quite important for a game that involves killing things all the time.

Bethesda also came under fire regarding the Power Armour Special Edition when players received a nylon bag instead of the high-quality canvas variant promised in advertising.

Despite a handful of teething issues, Alastair Stevenson quite enjoyed Fallout 76. Here’s a snippet from his 7/10 review: ‘The addition of multiplayer elements to the apocalyptic wasteland should on paper make for a wonderfully immersive, tense experience, and for a good while it does.

Playing with buddies looting collapsed shopping centres and derelict towns is a blast and the robust crafting and character development mechanics are excellent.’

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