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Epic Games and Nintendo are teaming up to release an official Fortnite Switch bundle

Epic Games and Nintendo have announced a new console bundle which focuses entirely on Fortnite, featuring a bespoke design inspired by the hugely popular battle royale. 

The Fortnite-branded Nintendo Switch console includes a dock decorated with a number of recognisable characters such as Peely, Meowscles and Fishsticks, alongside a pair of yellow and blue joy-cons which also come fitted with custom branding. 

Once setting up the Switch you’ll find that Fortnite is already pre-installed, and you’ll also be able to gain access to an exclusive new skin known as Wildcat. It has two distinct styles and a back bling, and I’ll be honest it’s cute enough to make me a little bit jealous. 

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Inside the bundle you’ll also find 2000 V-Bucks (roughly £13) of virtual currency to spend on battle pass tiers, skins and other cosmetics. It’s a decent little bundle, and one that Fortnite fans without a Nintendo Switch might be persuaded to pick up. 

You might have to wait a while though, since the bundle itself will be launching on October 30th. Fortnite’s current season focuses entirely on Marvel, featuring a bespoke comic storyline and heroes such as Thor, She-Hulk, Iron Man, Storm and more. Stark Industries just arrived earlier today, which will no doubt be hiding a few secrets for us to uncover. 

It will be interesting to see how this narrative develops inside the battle royale universe, and what it will mean for future seasons of the game. Right now, we’re having enough fun completing challenges and unleashing epic superpowers as the map slowly changes with each passing week.