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Full list of Titanfall achievements leaked online

The full list of Titanfall achievements have been leaked online ahead of the game’s release date later this month.

If you’re looking forward to the complete Titanfall game coming to your Xbox One in a few weeks, you might want to take a look at the achievement you can earn.

There are 35 achievements to be had, which range from 15G to 50G and variations in between, all amounting to the usual 1000G.

Of course, since the game features no single-player campaign, there’s very little of interest to see in the achievements list and there are no huge spoilers.

Some of the achievements include killing 1,000 AI soldiers, running 5km, snapping the necks of ten Pilots and calling in 25 Titans.

There are a few more interesting ones that give us some details on the weapons available, including mention of a Data Knife, Plasma Railgun and Arc Cannon.

However, there are some that require particular skill and dedication like surviving an evacuation, completing all the challenges for a single weapon or finishing the two campaigns.

Also, the achievements make reference to a progression mode known as “Generations”.

X360 Achievements has the full list of Titanfall achievements for your perusal.

Titanfall will be released in the UK on March 13 for PC and Xbox One. EA Games announced that the Xbox 360 version has been delayed to give Bluepoint Games a little more polishing time. It will be released on March 28 in the UK.

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