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Facebook Groups app launched

Facebook has launched a dedicated Facebook Groups app, making private group posts that bit easier to manage.

Of course, Facebook has had a Groups function in its main app for some time. It allows you to form select groups for specific posts, rather than just splurging your thoughts to your hundreds of barely affiliated friends.

But it’s always been a little awkward to access, buried within the already cluttered Facebook app.

That’s where the Facebook Groups app comes in. Like Messenger before it, it takes a core-but-neglected function of the main Facebook app, spins it off into a standalone app, and improves it.

When you open the Facebook Groups app, you’ll be instantly confronted with all of your groups. The ones you use the most frequently will be pushed to the top, but you can rearrange them at will.

Creating new groups is as simple as tapping the plus icon at the bottom of the screen. There are also tabs along the top for notifications and new group recommendations.

Unlike the aforementioned Messenger example, Facebook won’t be cutting the Groups feature from its main app, so you won’t be facing a painful change of habits if that’s your preferred option.

What’s more, it seems this will remain the situation for the foreseeable future, as Facebook has promised that “over time we’ll continue to make those experiences faster and better, too.”

Facebook Groups is available as a free download for iOS and Android now.

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