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Dyson AM09 adds Jet Focus tech for targeted heating and cooling

The Dyson AM09 has been officially unveiled, and the company’s latest Hot + Cool Air Multiplier wants to target you with its powers.

For those times when you don’t want to share the warmth, the new AM09 now lets you target its projected heating (and cooling) directly in one area, as opposed to dispersing it around an entire room. For those generous enough to share the device’s heating and cooling abilities, however, the traditional option remains.

‘How?’, we hear you cry. Well, with the use of the company’s custom Jet Focus Technology, of course.

Making use of the Coanda effect – which causes air to change direction as it travels over a surface – the AM09 accelerates its output over an airfoil shaped ramp to narrow the direction of flow. A second aperture is in place to offer more room encompassing heating and cooling if required.

James Dyson, the company’s founder and mastermind stated: “Using the Coanda effect AM09 manipulates the flow of air to either focus on you, or on heating or cooling the whole room.”

He added: “It gives powerful uninterrupted airflow where you want it, to banish pockets of cold or hot air in the home.”

About more than just its Jet Focus streams, according to Dyson, the new machine is also 75 per cent quieter than its predecessor, the Dyson AM05.

Sadly, this all-season climate control does not come cheap. The Dyson AM09 has been handed a lofty £399.99 price tag.

Available in black/silver, black/blue and white/silver colour schemes, the Dyson AM09 is available now from the manufacturer’s online channel and through selected retailers.