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Does the Samsung Galaxy S8 have a major audio problem?

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus owners have taken to the firm’s community forums to complain of an apparent issue with the phones’ speakers.

Multiple users are experiencing audio cut outs after a few seconds of playing games, watching videos or listening to music.

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The issue goes away when connecting a pair of headphones.

Here’s an example of the issue posted to YouTube by one of the affected users:

There seems to be little agreement thus far on whether this is a hardware or software issue (via Android Headlines).

Some users have seen the sound return when performing a factory reset, while others have enjoyed only temporary relief this way.

Worryingly, some users are able to bring back audio by gently squeezing or tapping the handset, which seems to suggest a hardware fault.

One forum poster took their device in for repair and was allegedly told there was a loose connection.

Samsung is so far asserting it’s a software issue and is informing customers to wipe the cache partition or perform a reset in order to resolve the issue. It is resisting calls for replacement devices thus far.

The complaints come shortly after Samsung released a software fix for red-tinted displays on its new flagships.

The firm had initially claimed no fix was needed and advised buyers to simply adjust the colour balance.

Have you experienced any problems with your Galaxy S8 since snapping up the flagship smartphone? Share your thoughts in the comments below.