Video: DIY the crap out of summer with this badass bladeless fan project

Dyson’s incredible bladeless fans are a perennial table-topper in any list of summer-saving tech essentials. Trouble is, they don’t half cost a few quid.

Thankfully, although it won’t look nearly as fancy as Sir James’ heatwave-beating creation, there’s a way to save money and rustle one up from a few household essentials.

In a video posted to his popular YouTube channel (via Shortlist), Rulof Maker says “the best way to understand how a bladeless fan works is to build one.”

The DIY/lifehacking expert proceeds to do so from a normal tabletop fan, a plant pot, a small plastic vase, a piece of plexiglass and a 5 gallon water jug.

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The secret ingredient here, of course are the blades themselves, in this case from a small microwave fan, which are hidden within the base.

The finished article may not look like much, but considering the Dyson bladeless fans start at around £250, it might be a sacrifice you’re willing to make.

Check out the video below.